Eran Har Even´s „World Citizen“

12-10-2019 20:30 - 12-10-2019 23:00
Live Club "m8"
Haus der Jugend, Mitternachtsgasse, Mainz, Deutschland

– Contemporary Jazz –

Eran Har Even – Guitar Xavi Torres Vincente – Piano
Haggai Cohen Milo – Bass Ivars Arutyunyans – Drums
„Stars are imagined in electronic guitar washes from expressive guitarist Eran Har Even“ Mary James – London Jazz News (2017) Eran Har Even’s „World Citizen“ is a contemporary vision of jazz music which is sonically crossing boarders and fusing cultures. Mixing jazz, pop, avant-garde, classical and Israeli folklore music in one sound. Eran’s unique playing and composing style is presented in this programmatic album which is a reflection on his experience of a multicultural life as an immigrant and a touring artist. Eran (*1983) is an Israeli born guitarist, composer and educator who emigrated to The Netherlands in 2006 and ever since he is one of the leading figures of the Dutch and European jazz. Eran’s recent album “EvenSanne / What if”was nominated to the Edison award in 2018 and toured in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium United Kingdom and Israel.